How It Works

Feeling skilled at that claw machine game? Find the machines that are Prizecollectionstore linked and join our awards program that earns you valuable points every time you win. Save up and cash in your points for prizes that include Electronics, Plush toys, Jewellery, Candy and more!

Win Points. Get Prizes.

We know its all about the prizes! Luckily, you can start earning points for winning prizes in your favorite claw machines!

Winning & Redeeming For Prizes Is Easy

  •  Find Machines – Locate participating locations here on the website
  • Grab Your Prize – Currently found in all claw machines with the logo.
  • Enter Your Code – Found on the voucher you just won.
  • Bank Your Points – After entering your code, and registering for a FREE account, you’ll see your points grow!
  • Redeem – Shop in our online store to choose from hundreds of cool prizes!

Where to play & win?

View our Online Map of our Machine locations.* Must be a member to view, so sign up now!